Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Par Excellent Automotive & Mission Parts – The Korean Way

Efficiency and durability are always a matter of major concern for all of us when we need some part or component for our car or air conditioner or some other mechanical device. These parts especially need to be authentic, as they have to perform an important function in the automobile or air conditioner etc. This Korean company established in 1978 is a leading manufacturer of precisions like automotive engines and missions. All their accessories come out of their factory on the strength of their 3 decade plus experience and technological expertise their team possesses. Their products are as follows;

v  Engine Parts
a.       Balance shaft & drive shaft
b.      Bracket
c.       Pulley
v  Mission parts
a.       Rail sub ass’y
b.      Sleeve bearing
c.       Sprang parking
v  Air conditioner parts
v  Development items
a.       Rotor ass’y

Rail sub ass'y manufacturer in Korea is a popular manufacturer of rail sub ass’y among other accessories required for motor vehicles. They develop different shapes and design rail sub assy’s that are highly useful for various purposes. Manual transmission sleeve bearing manufacturer in Korea is also one of the most reliable manufacturers of manual transmission sleeve in the world. These specialized manual transmission sleeve bearings are designed with latest technology and developed expertise over the years. They are ISO certified manufacturer & developer of manual transmission sleeve bearings and they are supplied to different countries. Yet another product from this company Pulley p’s pump comes from pulley p/s pump manufacturer in Korea. They come in different shape and size and meet all international standards. These high quality pulley p’s pumps are supplied to many customers across the breadth and width of the globe.

All the products from this company have become world famous due to their decades of expertise and innovative thinking in technological aspects of the production. Their craftsmanship is a proven fact, as their products are the most sought after in the world. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Learn A Few Tips Of Keeping Car Cool And Optimum Inside And Also Under The Hood

The air conditioning system inside your car is meant to keep the cabin in optimum condition and at a comfortable level. For this, you have to ensure that the air conditioning system of your car is always working fine and ensuring maximum performance. It is especially during summer seasons that you need the air conditioner in the right state of condition. Nevertheless, how do you assure that A/C in your car is working flawlessly? Here, follow a few instructions below:
·         You need to recharge you’re A/C from time to time. In case, you find that the air coming out of the vent is so cold, then recharge the system.

·         Make sure that you clean the air duct at regular interval. How will you know that the air duct needs cleaning? Well, after you turn on the A/C a peculiar smell might waft through the vent probably caused by accumulation of bacteria inside the vent. This is something you will certainly not like to inhale and so keeping the duct clean is a viable solution. Just like you cars too age and with passage of time micro-organisms and bacteria start building up behind the dash panel letting out a very unpleasant odor.

·         Make sure that you replace cabin air filters. When a vehicle is in motion, it can actually cause tunnel effect that enhances the number of pollutants inside the cabin. Now, to minimize its unhealthy level, it becomes utmost important to clean the air with cabin air filters through the A/C system.

·         Make sure that you keep the radiator hydrated. It is your responsibility to cool down the engine of your vehicle if it gets too hot. Hence, check the coolant level from time to time.

·         Do not leave dingy or old coolant just like that. Make sure it’s being replaced or cleaned.

Finding an all-in-one kit is now easy. However, original air conditioning system in your car will never fail you, so get access to products of Ohdae Metal Co., Ltd., a genuine air conditioner parts manufacturer in Korea. Owing to its top quality and responsible management; the company is extensively renowned for manufacturing many useful and highly efficient auto parts. Today, the company is also known as engine parts manufacturer in Korea that presents precise engine functioning. Of the many companies that you hear, bestow your trust on Ohdae Metal Co., Ltd., a sought-after cap-valve bracket manufacturer in Korea and you will guarantee a surreal riding experience that you might never had imagined before.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Fix the Clutch in your car with Transmission Sleeve Kit

Being able to drive your car smoothly brings great pleasure, but what if the clutch chatters or jerks? You have to understand the functioning of clutch to help you control the steering of the vehicle and feeling absolutely confident when driving your car. The clutch refers to two metal plates featuring in the engine. After you have pressed the clutch pedal, the plates set apart thus separating the drive wheels from engine thus enabling you to change gear. Hence, clutch control is highly important to move your car slowly as and when required. Suppose, there is some kind of hindrance and you have to move your car round the obstructed path quite slowly, then in that case the clutch comes to your help.
What are the possible reasons for clutch failure?
There are possibilities of clutch failure when the throw-out bearing or release on the clutch quills or snouts, letting you disc-engage or engage clutch mechanism. When the quill becomes grooved with the passage of time it leads to poor clutch functioning. The common causes for poor performance of driving is due to defective clutch assembling, improper clutch adjustment, etc. Hence, grooved or damaged quill fitted on a transmission needs to be replaced or repaired on time. It is at this point that you need transmission sleeve kit.
Experts of Ohdae Metal Co., Ltd., a sought-after manual transmission sleeve bearing manufacturer in Korea is recognised for manufacturing different motor vehicle parts and various accessories. The company is popularly recognised through lengths and breadths of the country also as a rail sub ass’y and pulley p/s pump manufacturer in Korea, owing to its ability to produce and install pulley with a dowel pin most tactfully. Thus, as a customer when you are purchasing authentic auto parts make sure that you buy from a reliable source. Since, here our focus is on the uses of transmission sleeve kit, follow the points below:
·         It includes a sleeve and also precision machine made out of stainless steel that swiftly slips over the original quill.
·         This offers a hard and smooth surface to enable the oversized bearing to easily slide on.
·         Also, it is anchored with screws that are re-usable and removable.
·         Remember, post installation of transmission sleeve kit, you actually help to dispel the clutch failure problem.
Thus, with reliable transmission sleeve kit from a dependable source you can ensure that the clutch is working fine, thus bringing fluid like smoothness to pedals.